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Julio was born in San Sebastian, Spain. A deep curiosity for the darkest corners of the human mind made him study psychiatry at the University of the Basque Country. In 1992, he directed his first feature film Vacas (1992) which earned him the Goya Award for Best New Director, and earned him awards in festivals such as Tokyo, Torino and Alexandria. In 1993 he made his second movie, La Ardilla Roja (1993); Stanley Kubrick enjoyed the film so much that he bought the original print from Medem. His third movie, Earth (1996) was selected for the Cannes Film Festival. In 1998 he released Lovers of the Arctic Circle (1998), a fan favorite and box-office hit with more than one million viewers in Spain. In 2001 his fourth movie, Sex and Lucia (2001) became a huge box office success and started the career of actress Paz Vega, who won the Goya for Best New Actress. His most recent works include Ma Ma (2015) with Penelope Cruz and The Tree of Blood (2018) with Úrsula Corberó and Álvaro Cervantes. He is currently developing his first TV series, Jai Alai.


Everardo González is a documentary director, producer and cinematographer. He studied Social Communication and graduated from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. He then studied cinematography at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC). He’s a member of the Mexican Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences. Everardo is known for Los Ladrones Viejos: Las Leyendas del Artegio (2007), La Canción del Pulque (2003), El Cielo Abierto (2011), and Devil’s Freedom (2017), a documentary about the violence in Mexico that earned him nominations at film festivals in Moscow, DocAviv, Lisbon, Guadalajara, Berlin and Hong Kong.


Laura is a sociologist and filmmaker. She studied filmmaking at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica in México. She has directed several short films between Mexico, Nicaragua and Germany, with her first short film earning the support of the Cinergia Fund in Central America. Her works have participated in festivals like the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes, Morelia International Film Festival, FICUNAM, Stockholm Festival, Toulouse, and others. In 2015, she was part of the Talent Campus of Berlin in Guadalajara. Her short film Isabel Im Winter (2014) won Best Short Film at the Icaro International Film Festival and was part of the Semanie de la Critique at Cannes 2016. Fuerza Bruta (2016), her last completed project, premiered at Morelia International Film Festival and had an international premiere at Cinelatino, Rencontres de Toulouse, where it obtained the Revelation Prize for Best Short Film. She currently works as a director in both Nicaragua and Mexico.


Pablo graduated from Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC). His first feature film Las Lágrimas (2013) toured film festivals around the world such as Locarno (Carte Blanche Award), Rotterdam (World Premiere), Morelia (Mexican Premiere), Toulouse, Latinbeat at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York, Thessaloniki, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Guadalajara, Lima, Cartagena and others. He’s currently preparing his next two feature films Acapulco Golden and My First Apocalypse. He’s a creative member in Panamericana Pictures, where he writes, directs and produces.


Emilio is a Mexican filmmaker who directed The Perfect Absent (2019), selected in Morelia and Shorts Mexico Film Festivals, and Ana’s Desire (2019), selected in festivals such as Sao Paulo (Mostra), Los Cabos, La Habana, Cinequest, Hola México, Raíces- Chivilcoy, FECIMX, Quito FLACQ, Icaro, Sant Andreu de la Barca and Lugo Film week, among others. He is the founder of the production company ANOMIA and a member of the Guadalajara Talents Programme 2020.


Paula graduated from Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC). Paula has participated in the direction of publicity projects, series, and fashion films. Her documentary short film La Casa de los Lúpulos (2016) was nominated for Best Short Documentary at the Ariel Awards of the Mexican Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences. Her thesis short film Velvet (2018) also earned a nomination for Best Short Film at the Morelia International Film Festival. Paula is currently developing her debut film Stories About a Boy, a project for which she won development funding from IMCINE.


Martin studied Communication Sciences and Cinema at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC). He has experience as a director and editor of feature films, short films, advertising and video clips. In advertising, he has worked in management for some of the most important brands in Mexico and abroad. His pieces have won several awards as director and editor in the most important festivals of the advertising medium, such as Cannes Lions, Cyclops, El Ojo de Latin America, el Círculo Creativo, and more.


Salomón was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. In 2002 he enrolled at the Universidad de Los Andes to study philosophy, but dropped out to pursue filmmaking. After studying at Black Maria, and the Academy of Photographic Arts Film School in Sydney, Australia, his film Sonrisa was nominated for Best Dramatic Short Film at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival. He went on to direct music videos and award-winning commercials for brands such as Toyota, Pepsi, Axe, Renault, and Unilever. In 2011 he was hired by the production company Ennova to direct commercials in Beijing, China. Returning to Bogotá, Salomón opened the city’s first independent cinema, Cine Tonalá, a cultural space where cinema and art intertwine. Simultaneously, he was commissioned by Dynamo Productions to direct the film Detective Marañón (2015). He has worked with top artists such as Nicky Jam, J Balvin, Shaggy, Karol G, Sech, Chocquibtown, among others.


A Mexican-Brazilian filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles, Chica has always been in search of a collective creative process. Her work is focused on experimental and hybrid narratives, addressing themes like displacement, the residuals of colonialism and the visible/invisible borders around us.


Juan Ruy is a filmmaker from Colombia. After studying jazz in Paris and training as a music producer, his passion for photography led him to concentrate on film. His series Caballo was developed together with Valle Verde Horse Riding, a company dedicated to equestrian tours and events. His feature film Frontera, developed in partnership with the Alexander von Humboldt Institute, explores the world of coca crops in the most remote regions of Colombia.


Nacho Clemente obtained a degree in Public Relations and Advertising in 2004. He also studied Cinema in the Cinematography School of Madrid. His professional career began as an advertising creative and soon he started directing campaigns and documentary series for major international brands all over the world. As a film director, his short film Marionetas (2019) was nominated for Best Iberoamerican Short film at FICG35. His last documentary Orígenes (2020) is now screening on Amazon Prime.


Eva is a Mexican filmmaker and producer, and the founder of Panamericana Pictures. She has worked as the head of production for Netflix's El Chapo (2017–2018) and is currently developing a new series titled Jai Alai. She has studied communications and cinema in Mexico, Madrid, and UCLA. With over a decade of experience in the film industry, Eva has worked with top companies including IBERO 90.9 FM, AG STUDIOS, HBO, Lemon Films, and Talent on the Road, one of the major talent agencies for Latinos in Hollywood, where she held the role of Head of Office in Los Angeles. With her passion for advancing the Latin community in the film industry, Eva continues to strive for success and bring new opportunities to the underrepresented.


Lisandro has collaborated with director Jayro Bustamante on his three films: Ixcanul (2014), Temblores (2018) and La Llorona (2019). He has also worked in field production in several documentary audiovisual projects and information campaigns in Guatemala, including “Seeds of Change” and “Guatemala Has Something to Tell You”. He also did Art Direction in the audiovisual production “Turn On for Guatemala.” Since 2019 he has been part of the writing and development team for future projects of La Casa de Producción. He has participated in workshops with several scriptwriters, including Yolanda Barrasa. He is currently scripting a series of medium-term films.


Valeria Ariñez graduated as a documentary filmmaker from EICTV (Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión, Cuba), where she directed several short films. Her thesis Awairy (2012) was selected at the Festival de Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano Latin American Film Festival Havana, Cuba and at the Havana Film Festival in New York. She has worked as an assistant director on over fifteen films in Bolivia, Nicaragua and Mexico. Her first feature film as a producer, El Deseo de Ana (2019) appeared in the Los Cabos Film Festival, Mexico, the Mostra Internacional de Cine de Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Festival del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de la Habana, Cuba, and more. Her second feature film as producer, Esta Bestia Tan Salvaje, is currently in post-production.


Maria Sarasvati Herrera is originally from Mexico City. She studied filmmaking at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, where she specialized in Cinematography. She has worked on five feature films and two fiction series. Her second film, Summer White, premiered at Sundance in 2020. Maria Sarasvati has participated in several festivals around the world, among them the Cinelatino festival in Toulouse, and the CAMERIMAGE festival in Poland. She is a member of the AMC, the ICFC, and Apertura, and is part of Berlinale Talent.


Andrea Gonzalez Mereles is a Mexican director of photography based in Los Angeles who focuses on narrative storytelling. She holds a Master's degree in Cinematography from the American Film Institute. She's a 2014 Fulbright Scholar, a 2017 Project Involve Fellow and a 2019 Berlinale Talents participant. She's a member of the International Collective of Female Cinematographers. Her films have been screened in numerous international film festivals.


Juan Pablo graduated from Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) and earned a Bachelor of Communication Science at ITESO. He has already photographed several feature films: Las Lágrimas (2013, Pablo Delgado), Los Hamsters (2015, Gil González Penilla), Chicuarotes (Gael García Bernal), Huachicolero (2019, Edgar Nito), González (2014, Christian Diaz Pardo), El Reino de la Sirena (2016, Luis Rincón) and Moronga (2016, John Dickie). His most recent work includes The Arrivals the most recent feature film by Academy Award Nominee Heidi Ewing. His films have toured around the world in festivals such as Locarno, Rotterdam, Morelia, Toulouse, Latinbeat at the Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York, Thessaloniki, Tribeca, Havana, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Guadalajara, Lima, and Cartagena.


Bárbara majored in Art History at the Institute of High Culture. She was the set decorator for the Academy Award winner Eugenio Caballero in Chronicles (2003), Resident Evil: Extinction (2006) and Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma (2018), which received multiple awards in Venice, Oscars, BAFTA, Golden Globes, and more. As a production designer, she has worked on The Painting Lesson (2009), The Prize (2010), The Amazing Catfish (2012), Mexican Gangster (2012), Dark Springs (2013) and I Dream In Another Language (2017). Her films as art director include Cobrador: In God We Trust (2005), More Than Anything in the World (2005), and A Monster With a Thousand Heads (2014). She’s earned several awards including the Silver Bear for Best Artistic Contribution in Berlin (The Prize), a Mexican Academy Award Ariel for the film Zurdo (2004), and Mexican Academy Award Ariel nominations for Best Production Design (Cobrador: In God We Trust; Rudo y Cursi; The Prize; The Amazing Catfish).


Jorge is a talented hair and makeup artist from Mexico City. His film work includes Apocalypto (2006), Cristiada (2012), Elysium (2013), Heli (2013), Desierto (2015), La Región Salvaje (2016), Paraíso Perdido (2018), El Hollo en la Cerca (2021), and Bardo (2022). With his passion and creativity, Jorge is dedicated to enhancing the visual appeal of actors and actresses on the big screen.


Demián is the frontman of the Latin Grammy-nominated band Centavrvs, a score composer for high-profile TV and film projects, a founding member of jazz ensemble Los Dorados, a commercial jingle writer, and a tour/session recording veteran. After studying jazz formally, Demián has focused on exploring the world’s musical diversity with an emphasis on Latin America and his native Mexico—the results of which have permeated all his musical output. Demián is currently composing the original score for HBO MAX’s Coyotl (2023) and Ugly (2023), and recently wrapped up projects like Going Varsity Mariachi (a documentary premiered at Sundance in 2023) as well as Sony’s Dale Dale Dale (2022) and Comedy Central LatAm’s La Cagué. His commercial work includes jingles for eBay, Jeep, Red Bull-GMC, eharmony and more.


Antonio Castillo is a Mexican musician, producer and sound designer born in Puebla. He studied drums at JAZZUV of the Universidad Veracruzana under renowned teachers Edgar Dorantes, Miguel Cruz (Paquito d Rivera), and Renato Dominguez. He is currently based in Mexico City, where he has worked as a sound designer in various film projects, animation studios and advertising campaigns. His diverse musical palette includes everything from classical and jazz to rock, soul, hip-hop, and the roots music of Africa, Cuba, and Veracruz.


Karen Antunes is an Uruguayan editor based in Mexico City. A graduate of the Uruguayan Film School (ECU), Karen is the editor of several series including Historia de un Crimen: Colosio (2019), Las Crónicas del Taco (2020), Selena: the Series (2021), and Quién Mató a Sara? (2021), all from Netflix, as well as Porno y Helado (2022) from Amazon and Toda la Sangre (2022) from Lionsgate+. His first feature film El Sereno (2017, Oscar Estevez and Juacko Mauad) was selected in several film festivals.

Años Luz (2021), Juacko Mauad's second feature film, participated in the official selection of the Malaga Festival.

Unheimlich (2021), a short film directed by Fabio Colonna, won Best Short Film at the Sitges Film Festival and awards for best editing at festivals in the United States, England, Greece, Serbia and Mexico.


Agustín Dalponte is an Argentinian director, cinematographer, and post-producer based in Mexico City. He graduated from the Design of Image and Sound program at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and the Director of Photography program at the Argentine Cinematography Industry Union (SICA). As the founder and director of the boutique studio PVL Studio Argentina, Agustín has worked with Coca-Cola (Global, Latam, Europe, and Asia), Unilever, Pepsi, Google, MTV, Turner, Telcel, Martini, Bacardi, and Arcor. As a television director, his work includes Nickelodeon/Paramount Plus titles NickSnack (the most viewed program on the channel in 2022) and Garden Academy (2020). His editing experience includes commercials for production companies Cineburó, Voces Imaginarias, Landia, and The Lift. He currently serves as lead editor for Panamericana Pictures.


Argentinian actor Nahuel Pérez Biscayart trained at the Buenos Aires School of Fine Arts and received the Rolex bursary at age 21, which took him to New York to join Elizabeth LeCompte’s Wooster Group. His film credits include Pablo Fendrik’s La Sangre Brota (Semaine de la Critique, Cannes Film Festival 2008), Deep in the Woods (which premiered at the Locarno Festival in 2010), Rebecca Zlotowski’s Grand Central (Un Certain Regard, Canne Film Festival 2014) and David Lambert’s All Yours (2014), for which he was recognized at the Karlovy Vary Festival. His work in Robin Campillo’s 120 Beats Per Minute (Grand Prize, Cannes Film Festival 2017), earned him Best Male Newcomer at the 2018 César awards.


Carlos is a Swiss rapper and actor who began his career in the five-time gold album-winning hip hop group Sens Unik. As an actor, Leal was awarded the prestigious Shooting Star award at the Berlin International Film Festival for one of his first films, Snow White (2011). His film credits include Broken Embraces (2009, Pedro Almodóvar), The Way (2010, Emilio Estévez), There Be Dragons (2011, Roland Joffe), and Spaceman (2016, Brett Ratkin). He has starred in television programs in France, Spain and Switzerland, and the United States, including El Internado (2007), the award-winning Gotthard (2016), and Better Call Saul (2018). Leal’s most recent work is Dee Rees’ The Last Thing He Wanted (2020), also starring Anne Hathaway, Ben Affleck and Willem Dafoe.


Juanita is a Chilean actor, singer, and filmmaker based in the United States. She studied acting at Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield MA, the Odin Theater in Denmark and Teatro de los Sentidos in. In 2008 she started her television career on the series Hijos del Monte; since then, she has performed in multiple soap operas (including Chile Libre on which she won acclaim for her role of Rusia), Latin American television series, films, musical plays. Her work on the film Shortwave (2016) was recognized at the New York Film Festival, Flimquest and Goldenoor International Filmquest.


An experienced actress in stage, film and television, Vicky trained as an actor at Centro Universitario de Teatro, Mexico’s National University (UNAM) before completing an MA in Movement Studies at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Her film work includes World War Z (2013) and Diego Luna’s Netflix series Todo Va a Estar Bien (2021). Her television credits include Señorita Pólvora (2014), La Bandida (2019), Doña Flor y Sus Dos Maridos (2019), and Falsa Identidad 2 (2020). Her solo theater show Juana in a Million was awarded a Fringe First Award at the Fringe Edinburgh Festival (2012), Best One-Woman Show at the United Solo Festival in NYC (2013), a Maria Douglas Award for Best Actress in a Solo Show by the Mexican Association of Theatre Critics (2014) and a nomination as Best Actress at the Offies Awards (Off West End) in London, UK.